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    Hi, I'm Victoria :)

    I can help you get organized. I'm a travelling professional organizer and home organization consultant.

  • Let's make things better, together

    We'll work side-by-side to make your spaces work for you. You can think of our time together as results-driven, one-on-one, personal coaching on keeping your things organized. Here's a typical workflow;


    Goal setting and strategizing

    In our initial consultation, I'll review your space, and discuss your goals. Together we'll set objectives & timeframes, figure out what tools or materials we'll need to get started.


    Shoulder-to-shoulder sessions

    In 3-hour sessions, we'll work together to overhaul your space. We'll design & implement systems to make the greatest possible impact in our available time, while aiming for lasting results.


    Follow-up reflections and next steps

    After some time has passed, we'll check in to see what worked, what we learned, what we'd do differently next time, and where you can take it from here.

  • Custom solutions

    I specialize in unusual situations. Let me know what you need and we’ll do something that fits.

  • Rates

    My sliding-scale pricing is designed to help not-profit-driven community organizations and artists.

    If you or your corporation are in a position to do so, please consider my sponsor rates.
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    Sponsor Rate

    For benefactors & corporations


    Get first priority when scheduling, and help subsidize those at community rates.
    $330 per 3-hour session
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    Standard Rate

    For individuals & families


    Standard home organization rate for individuals & families.
    $240 per 3-hour session
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    Community Rate

    For artists & nonprofits


    Work with one of my favourite co-organizers, under my direction.
    $100 for the first hour (includes Victoria and a co-organizer), + $55 per organizer for each additional hour (under Victoria's remote guidance)

    $265 per 4-hour/half-day session
    $485 per 8-hour/full day session

    Formal nonprofit status or proof of income are not required.
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    Pricing & booking

    More details about pricing & scheduling, and how to book and prepare for our sessions.
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    I am looking forward to finding ways to make your spaces better. Here are some of my specialties.
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    I offer lots of ways to save, with a variety of discounts and promos to help those in need.
  • "I’ve seen and worked with people who are motivated by money. Victoria’s drive is to improve people’s lives. It’s a fundamental difference.​"

    S. in San Francisco, CA

    "I would employ Victoria to do anything, even things she might not yet have experience doing. Though at this point she has more experience in a wider variety of skills, than anyone I have ever known."

    J. in Calgary, AB

    "Victoria got things totally done, often beyond what was required. She is exceptional at dealing with difficult situations, and any sort of changes that might happen along the way. Her fundamental approach made it easy to relax, trust the process, and have fun."

    S. in San Francisco, CA

    "Victoria has been a core logistics person for me for years. Twice in the last two years, I have left on winter vacation, hired Victoria to move my entire life from one house to the next with almost no guidance or oversight. I left one house, went on vacation, and basically came back to a new home. I trust her implicitly with all of the things, and she is the best at this. There is no one else as reasonably good at this as her."

    W. in Oakland, CA

    "Victoria is one of the most talented and resourceful people I’ve ever met, and she’s always in a good mood and cheers others on when the going gets tough."

    K. in Oakland, CA

    "Victoria, your gentle and genuine but direct demeanor makes working with you both in a professional capacity and personal capacity, just so effortless and supportive!"

    R. in Northbridge, MA

    "Victoria is a great problem solver. But even better she has an incredible network of specialist problem solvers who she has solved major problems for. She has an acute awareness of when she is not the right person to solve a problem, and inevitably has 4-5 brilliant people who are the right people to ask because they LOVE solving these types of problems. So they are always thrilled to take her call and help.​"

    S. in San Francisco, CA

    “If selflessness and generosity were marketable attributes, Victoria would be rich.”

    B. in Toronto, ON

    "Thank you so much for helping me with my room. It's been so nice to live in & easy to clean. Sheltering in place would've been soooooo much worse had we not done our time together."

    K. in San Francisco, CA

    "Victoria charged me less for 3 hours than I pay for 1 hour of therapy, and with Victoria instead of just talking about my problems, we actually solved some of them." 

    P. in San Francisco, CA

    "I’m now one of dozens of people I know who, whenever possible, hire Victoria to get them out of (or into!) difficult situations. She’s capable of much more than helping people move. Once you have worked with her, you will be looking for other things to hire her for. The only reason to not hire her is because it will likely make working with anyone else in the future a disappointment. Still worth it, though."

    S. in San Pablo, CA

    "I'm impressed. I was in a legitimately dangerous situation, I didn't even understand it at the time. You were of critical help then and even after. Others would have washed their hands with me. You did all this legwork to make it the best possible experience. Respect. Again, thank you for actually being helpful."

    D. in San Francisco, CA

    “Our time together made a big difference in shelter-in-place being livable for me.”

    K. in Manhattan, NY

    "Victoria helped me move my makerspace/event space out of a 3 floor + roof 7k sqft building with no elevator and doors that barely fit many of the things we had. And before that she helped me move out of a 3500sqft building. Both places were very challenging logistically. She is exceptional at dealing with difficult situations, and any sort of changes that might happen along the way."

    S. in San Francisco, CA

    “Victoria is the Bay Area’s favorite fixer.”

    P. in San Francisco, CA

    "You'll be hard pressed to find someone who can give you back more time. I had left half my belongings, including my car, with various friends and family in California when I moved away. Victoria gathered everything together from 3 corners of the Bay Area, packed it into my car, and shipped it all to me. She operated extremely autonomously, which was very much what I wanted, and is something I've found hard to find. She dealt with a delay with exceptional professionalism, being shockingly committed to seeing the job through."

    J. in Cambridge, MA