• Rates

    My sliding-scale pricing is designed to help not-profit-driven community organizations and artists.

    If you or your corporation are in a position to do so, please consider my sponsor rates.
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    Sponsor Rate

    For benefactors & corporations


    Get first priority when scheduling, and help subsidize those at community rates.
    $330 per 3-hour session
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    Standard Rate

    For individuals & families


    Standard home organization rate for individuals & families.
    $240 per 3-hour session
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    Community Rate

    For artists & nonprofits


    Work with one of my favourite co-organizers, under my direction.
    $100 for the first hour (includes Victoria and a co-organizer), + $55 per organizer for each additional hour (under Victoria's remote guidance)

    $265 per 4-hour/half-day session
    $485 per 8-hour/full day session

    Formal nonprofit status or proof of income are not required.
  • Need a discount?

    Here are some ways to save, and help me out in the process. Mix and match the discounts that suit you.

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