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  • Some of my specialties

    Sorting through stuff doesn't have to be so stressful. Let's pick a project and get it done!


    Dust off your buried treasures

    • Basements, garages, attics, shipping containers, lockers, sheds, and more
    • Selecting & moving into a storage unit, downsizing and moving out of a storage unit, or overhauling your storage to make it more functional
    • Helping you decide how much sorting, shelving, inventorying, labeling, and access you need
    • How to keep pests and moisture out of your memories


    Doesn't have to be daunting

    • Sourcing appropriate packing materials, and packing strategically to make moving and unpacking easier
    • Creative solutions for shipping vehicles, containers, pallets, and truckloads across the continent, overseas, or to remote places like the Black Rock Desert
    • I can help with a few facets, or project manage your entire move start-to-finish. I can even drive the truck!


    Downsizing & donations

    • Sustainable storage solutions tailored to your habits, space, and lifestyle
    • Guidance and support in helping you face emotionally charged clutter
    • Assistance and strategies to help you decide how and when to let go of sentimental items
    • Insight into finding new homes for items that should be loved and put to use
  • I can help you design systems that are tailored to you. We're not just going to tidy up, we're going to create methods that help you to keep it that way.

  • Where I can help

    Spaces take many shapes, and so do the needs of the people in them.


    Transform your room into your retreat

    • Understanding the importance of your room being your sanctuary, based on my chosen lifestyle of communal living means I 
    • Optimizing rooms to store all the things you need on hand while still being a comfortable place to work and rest
    • Guiding you through priorities and decision-making for how your room can serve you, and how you want to feel when you're there
    • Working with unconventional rooms, like vanlife and tiny homes


    Create space for you to create

    • Organizing the tools, gear, supplies, and materials you need on hand to pursue your artistic passions
    • Converting underutilized spaces into workshops and studios
    • Making your workspace into somewhere you feel at ease, so you can relax and focus on your art
    • Helping find the balance between having the things you need nearby vs. having enough space to work with those things


    Solutions & systems for shared spaces

    • Solving common household disputes before they happen through better IRL-UX/UI design, documentation, signs, or SOPs
    • No-housemate-left-behind approaches to asynchronous decluttering, even when schedules don't align
    • Signage & labeling that make your space more functional without compromising your community's character or aesthetic
  • I can also help with your apartment, event venue, makerspace, music studio, tiny home, #vanlife, storage unit, shipping container, kitchen, basement, garage, workshop, shed, collectibles, media library, and more.

  • Custom solutions

    I specialize in unusual situations. Let me know what you need and we’ll do something that fits.

  • Judgement-free

    People come to me with problems because they trust that I will understand and can help.


    Letting go of negative self-doubt

    • A lot of my clients feel shame around the state of their possessions
    • Sometimes, I'm the first person to be allowed in their home for years, and it's an honour to be so trusted
    • I want to help relieve some of your shame by building systems that accommodate your needs and limitations, introducing new thought patterns that let you forgive yourself and meet yourself where you're at, and that make a measurable impact on your future


    I believe in you; you are worth it

    • ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, and more can block certain aspects of cleaning and organization
    • I understand how hard it can be to get started; how much it can help to have someone at your side to listen, help you relax, or keep you focused; and how much of a difference it can make to reset your environment
    • When you're ready, you don't have to face it alone


    What happens in Vegas...

    • I'm will keep your personal problems confidential
    • This is part of an industry-wide code of ethics among professional organizers: our lips are sealed
    • I love sharing stories, photos, and videos of client transformations, but I only do this when it's something clients want shared